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Career Paper Dolls: Construction Worker

Career Paper Dolls: Doctor

Career Paper Dolls: Farmer

Career Paper Dolls: Firefighter

Career Paper Dolls: Judge

Career Paper Dolls: Mail Carrier

Career Paper Dolls: Pilot

Career Paper Dolls: Police

Color the World! Ayers Rock

Career Paper Dolls: Park Ranger

Make a 100th Day of School Collage Frame

Make a 100th Day of School Top Hat


Make a 100th Day of School Recycled Sculpture

Decorate a 100th Day of School T-Shirt

Make a 100th Day of School "Tree of Me"

Bead Some 100th Day of School Jewelry

Dehydrate Some Strawberries for Fun and Science

100th Day of School Scavenger Hunt

Make a Spiraling Flower

Ever Wonder Where We Are Educationally?

Differentiated Instruction: It's Nothing New for This Guy

It's Screen-Free Week: 30 Great Activities and Printables

Are Energy Drinks Dangerous?

Stress and Your College-Age Kid: What You Can Do

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